3rd & 4th Class 2022

  • At the beginning of 3rd & 4th Class, we created our Goals for the Year using cloud templates. We brainstormed the various goals we would like to achieve by the end of 3rd & 4th Class. We then wrote them down and designed our clouds!
  • To create our Autumn Trees, we first drew an outline of the tree trunk and branches. We then painted them brown and then added our colourful Autumn leaves using paint and cotton buds. We all really enjoyed this lesson!
  • During an English lesson, we completed a Recount Writing task based on how we created our Autumn Trees.
  • Here are some examples of some more Autumn art which we have been working on. During SESE, we spoke about the various leaves that fall from trees during Autumn. We then gathered Autumn leaves outside.
  • During Art time, we coloured and designed our Hedgehogs and Lions then stuck on various leaves using PVA glue.
  • We used watercolour paints to create our spooky sunset backgrounds and cotton balls to make our bubbling Witches’ Cauldrons.
  • For our Haunted Houses, we learned how to turn an A4 page into a house and then designed our houses using scary Halloween-themed templates.