Green Flag

Clashmore NS has been involved in the Green school programme for many years. We have successfully achieved five green flags to date .Each flag takes 2 years to complete .This process involves the whole school community. Each theme has green school committee where children from different classes and 2 school co-ordinators -Michelle O’Donovan & Maura Seward get a chance to work together to complete the seven steps it takes to receive the Green school flag.

We are delighted to have just begun work on the theme for our sixth Green Flag, ‘Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste.’

Citizenship most often relates to being a member of a nation state (country) but it can also relate to being a member of a union of states, like the European Union, or even to the Global population: every single one of us is a citizen of the world. Global citizenship is a moral understanding of our responsibilities and our rights in a global context.

Being a true Global Citizen indicates that we understand that ALL people have equal rights, while at the same time valuing diversity. In addition, it means that we value the earth as very precious and as a resource upon which we all depend and should care for.

Actions & Targets

  1. Raising awareness on how looking after our environment aids people all over the world .
  2. Promoting and facilitating ‘Active Citizenship’-by exploring some of the 17 global goals at length.
  3. Integrating the Global Citizenship Litter & Waste ethos into our school

Yours sincerely,
Green Schools Committee of Clashmore National School