Green Flag

Clashmore National School has been involved in the Green School Programme for approximately 8 years and the whole school community is dedicated to making our school and grounds a beautiful and environmentally friendly place to be.

Clashmore National School has successfully achieved 4 Green School Flags to date!

We have been awarded flags based on the following themes:

  1. Litter and Waste
  2. Energy
  3. Water
  4. Travel

Each flag takes two years to complete. This process involves the whole school community. Each theme has a school committee where the children (2 from each classroom) and Green school Co-ordinators-(Mrs. O’Donovan, Mrs. Osborne and Miss Dunne) get a chance to work as part of a team successfully completing the seven steps it takes to receive the Green flag.

The Seven Steps are:

  1. Select a Green Schools Committee
  2. Environmental Review
  3. Action Plan
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Curriculum Work
  6. Informing and Involving
  7. Green Code

We just completed our Transport theme in June 2020. We had lots of fun over the past two years walking, cycling, scooting, using public transport and car-pooling to and from school. We also had scooting and cycling lessons in school and loved singing our Green school code to the tune of Old Town Road.

The themes are on- going having waste monitors in each class and also energy detectives making sure lights are turned off and doors are closed. Our colouring/drawing competitions are a great way of informing others.

We are looking forward to working towards our 5th Green Flag based on Bio-diversity.

Download our Biodiversity Plan (pdf).

We will be posting updates in the near future. We wish to thank you all for your continued support in caring for our environment.

Yours sincerely,
Green Schools Committee of Clashmore National School

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