July Newsletter 2021

To all our Pupils, Staff and Parents,
As we are about to commence our summer break, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the school community for your hard work and support during this past school year. In many ways it has been a difficult year but thankfully we have a principal and staff who give their best for the children despite the many challenges. Our greatest assets are our pupils and they have shown great resilience so we hope they will thoroughly enjoy their break from school work.

With the steady progress of vaccinations, we hope that school life will be back to some semblance of normality in September.

On behalf of the Board of Management of Clashmore NS, I wish all of you a happy and safe summer holiday.

D P Simento Chairperson
BOM Clashmore NS

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is hard to believe that the school year is drawing to a close. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our boys and girls for their wonderful dedication and valiant efforts this year, particularly during the school closure period. Míle buíochas to the staff of Clashmore National School, The Parents` Association, The Book Rental Scheme Committee who work tirelessly on behalf of the school. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. I would like to extend my thanks to the parents and the Clashmore community for your support and co-operation during the year. While we have had a school year like no other, thankfully we have come through it safely.

Please see below for further updates.

Fun Activities Week
This past week, we had a fun packed week of various activities from a crazy hair day to sports days, picnics, local walks/history trails, treasure hunts, scarecrow making, trips to the playground, GAA pitch & a visit by the ice-cream van. I would like to commend the Infant classroom and the 1st & 2nd class on their penalty shootout skills! I must brush up on my goalkeeping skills for next year! To end this wonderful week, we have a surprise visitor coming today for the pupils.

6th Class Graduation
The 6th Class graduation mass was celebrated in the school on Wednesday 16th June. We had a beautiful ceremony celebrated by Fr. Kelly outside. We wish our 6th class pupils all the very best in their new schools and we hope that they look back on their time in Clashmore National School with fond memories.

Class Allocation & Staffing
Mrs. Sheila Murphy will be embarking on a job-sharing position in Glenbeg National School in the coming 2021-2022 school year. We would like to wish Mrs. Murphy every success and happiness in this endeavour. Miss Dunne will be leaving us and we wish her every success for the future.

The 2020-2021 Class Allocations will be as follows:

  • Principal: Mrs. Yvonne Uí Fhlaithimhín, Special Education Teacher,
  • 5th& 6th Class Teacher: Mrs. Cathy Osborne,
  • 3rd& 4th Class Teacher, Deputy Principal: Mrs. Suzanne Hynes,
  • 1st and 2nd Class Teacher: Appointment Pending
  • Junior & Senior Infant Teacher: Mrs. Michelle O’Donovan,
  • Special Education Teacher (SET): Mrs. Patricia Keogh, based in Clashmore N.S. and shared with Ballycurrane N.S,

The First Holy Communion will be celebrated on 6th July and the Confirmation will be celebrated on the 8th July in Clashmore Church. The sacraments will be administered by Fr. Kelly. We wish the pupils every blessing on these special occasions.

Junior Infant Induction Visit
We were delighted to welcome our incoming Junior Infants to the school for a short visit with their parents on Saturday 29th May. This was followed by an information session via zoom for parents of incoming Junior Infants on Monday 31st May.

Enrolments for the 2021-2022 School Year
If you wish to enrol your child for the coming school year (2021-2022), we are still accepting applications for enrolment. Please email the office for an enrolment form.

School Website: www.clashmorens.ie
Our school website has been updated with photos of school activities this term, so keep an eye on it!

Sammy Stamps
Due to Covid- 19, we will no longer be offering the Sammy Stamps saving scheme in school. This scheme can be accessed directly from Youghal Credit Union.

Book Rental Scheme
The Book Rental Scheme can now be paid via The Clashmore NS App. The cost of the scheme remains unaltered at €5 for Junior Infants-2nd Class (transaction fee waived) and €25.50 (inclusive of transaction fee) for 3rd-6th Class. We would greatly appreciate it if this fee could be paid by the 18th June.

School Closure 18th June Exiting times for Classes
A reminder that classes will be staggered exiting the school today Friday 18th June.

  • 11:45am Junior & Senior Infants
  • 11:50am 1st & 2nd Class
  • 11:55am 3rd& 4th Class
  • 12:00 5th & 6th Class

The Board of Management of Clashmore National School
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the members of the Board of Management of Clashmore National School who have worked extremely hard on behalf of the school and who are so giving of their time, on a continual basis in an entirely voluntary capacity. I have detailed below all of the various activities and upgrades that have been made in the school this year for your information.

Managing the Organisation

  • Monthly Board meetings.
  • Child Protection Training completed by many BOM members.

New Communication Systems

  • School Website live as of August 2020.
  • School App live to receive payments September 2020.

Improved Infrastructure in the School

  • 2 new interactive Whiteboards installed (August 2020).
  • New staff laptops & 6 new laptops for the laptop trolley, new desk top for secretary (August 2020).
  • 6 tablets purchased (March 2021)
  • 2 new school signs erected on the exterior of the building (August 2020).
  • Education License purchased for a year for zoom (October 2020).
  • As part of Covid- 19 safety measures, a School Intercom system installed (March 2021)
  • Playground templates/markings updated (November 2020).

Updated Security Measures

  • CCTV installed (February 2021).
  • CCTV signs erected around the exterior of the school building thereafter.

Managing School Resources

  • ICT Expenditure- 2 Year Plan prepared (June 2021).

External Funding for Resources

  • €500 funding awarded by Post-Primary Languages Ireland to purchase dual language books.
  • €800 awarded by Youghal Credit Union for the purchase of hurleys and helmets.

Resources Funded by the Parents` Association

  • The Christmas Annuals €194
  • The Christmas Online Panto €220
  • The 2 mobile whiteboards €232-50
  • The YARC Assessment €369.68
    Total Cost of resources €1016.18. The Parents` Association also purchased a new bike rack for the school (June 2021) which will be installed for the coming year.

Health & Safety Measures put in Place due to Covid- 19

  • Sign in, sign out staff logbook & visitor logbook
  • One-way system clearly marked in main passage way
  • Hot water, Soap Dispensers and Hand towel dispensers installed
  • Hand sanitisers & pedal bins purchased
  • External Visual 2m distance markings
  • Internal & external Covid 19 signage purchased
  • Whole school sanitisation
  • Yard divided
  • Entrance area painted
  • New furniture purchased
  • Classroom layouts complete with social distancing
  • Boiler serviced
  • Footpaths and entrance sprayed
  • Perspex screens for all teachers & SNA`s purchased
  • Window vinyls
  • Cleaning schedule finalised
  • Washer/dryer purchased & Fogging machine purchased to sanitise the school
  • School Intercom installed


  • Recruitment and appointment of SNA (Full time position) November 2020.

Leading School Development

SSPS Whole School Evaluation

  • Successful piloting of the `Supporting The Safe Provision of Schooling Inspection` by the school on 20th October 2020 with school Inspector Maria McGrath. The school was fully compliant in each aspect of the inspection.

Whole Staff Training Events

  • Administration of Buccal Midazolam (August 2020).
  • Administration of an Epipen (August 2020).
  • The Donning & Doffing of PPE for Covid 19 Precautions (August 2020).
  • Lead Worker Representative Training Seminar with Staff (August 2020).
  • Diabetes Training administered by Diabetes nurse for SNA`s & relevant class teacher November 2020.

Plans & Policies Reviewed and Ratified by the Board:

  • Covid 19- Response Plan for the Safe Re-Opening of our School (August 2020).
  • Covid- 19 Risk Assessment.
  • History Plan
  • Assessment Plan
  • Special Educational Needs Plan
  • Remote Teaching Plan
  • Dignity in the Workplace Policy
  • Protected Disclosures Policy
  • Substance Misuse Policy
  • Equal Opportunity and Gender Equity Policy
  • CCTV Policy
  • Book Rental Scheme Policy
  • Critical Incident Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Policy on and Statement of Strategy for School Attendance
  • Safety, Health & Welfare Policy (amended)
  • Internet Acceptable Usage Policy (amended)
  • The Data Protection Policy (amended)

I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy summer and I look forward to seeing the children again when the school re-opens on Tuesday 31st August 2021.
Le gach beannacht uaimse,
Yvonne Uí Fhlaithimhín